Pal Nahal, 4/07/14
  2. The mistake.

    I know the general rule is; don’t regret any choices you have made in life as you wouldn’t be where you are now. But I am going to argue this. As I made a mistake which has led me to a place where I am currently holding many regrets. 

    This mistake made me doubt myself more than I ever have in life before.

    This mistake caused me to feel so low that I spent my 21st birthday looking to the sea and wishing I were in it. 

    This mistake caused me to lose so many valuable friendships, that no matter how hard I try I’ll never be able to regain them in the same way.

    This mistake made me believe that I am such a terrible person and made me constantly hate myself.

    This mistake made me change. 

    This mistake is still haunting me.

    This is why I am going to learn from this mistake. 

    2014- the year I became free.

  3. That episode.

    That episode.

  4. musicalcow

    I love you so much <3

    You are a rock to my mountain.

    The sand to my beach.

    My Nick to my Jess.

    My Dean to my Sam/Castiel.

    My Rose to the Doctor.

    My Clara to the Doctor.

    My John to my Sherlock.

    My Bowties and Fezs to the Doctor.

  5. Looking back on your last relationship and thinking…

    … Why the fuck did I put up with even half that shit?

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