1. Extremes.

    It is always one extreme or the other. 

    Either something agonisingly shit happens. Or something that seems so great that it might actually turn things around.

    And no matter which it is, I’m still left feeling lost and unfulfilled. I feel like I am in a constant dull dream that I’m aching to wake up from. 

    Is that what your twenties are supposed to feel like? Or do I really need to change something in my life? 

    Because my life really isn’t that bad. 

    It’s all very confusing. That funny thing called life.

  2. The mistake.

    I know the general rule is; don’t regret any choices you have made in life as you wouldn’t be where you are now. But I am going to argue this. As I made a mistake which has led me to a place where I am currently holding many regrets. 

    This mistake made me doubt myself more than I ever have in life before.

    This mistake caused me to feel so low that I spent my 21st birthday looking to the sea and wishing I were in it. 

    This mistake caused me to lose so many valuable friendships, that no matter how hard I try I’ll never be able to regain them in the same way.

    This mistake made me believe that I am such a terrible person and made me constantly hate myself.

    This mistake made me change. 

    This mistake is still haunting me.

    This is why I am going to learn from this mistake. 

    2014- the year I became free.

  3. That episode.

    That episode.

  4. musicalcow

    I love you so much <3

    You are a rock to my mountain.

    The sand to my beach.

    My Nick to my Jess.

    My Dean to my Sam/Castiel.

    My Rose to the Doctor.

    My Clara to the Doctor.

    My John to my Sherlock.

    My Bowties and Fezs to the Doctor.

  5. Looking back on your last relationship and thinking…

    … Why the fuck did I put up with even half that shit?

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